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How To Find The Pickers And Packers You Need Without Using An Agency

This is my Nan, Ada Noakes. Nan enlisted in the Land Army in World War II and a Lyons’ Cornerhouse Nippy (waitress) from South London was billeted in rural Sussex to help feed the nation.

She quickly found herself learning to harness old ploughshares to horses to plough fields manually as tractors were few and far between.  When the women in her intake were asked if anybody had any equine experience, nobody had.

In desperation, the supervisor asked, does anybody have even a tenuous link to horses?, Nanny Ada responded that her father was Head Groom for Unigate Dairies.  The closest she had got to the dairy horses was to feed them an apple, when running a forgotten packed lunch up to her dad at work, yet she was deemed the most appropriate for the task.

I'm sure there are many people out there who want to help farmers during this uncertain time, along with those that also need work.  But, how do you go about reaching the right people, without it costing a fortune?  You can't just enlist them like before.

I'd like to help you - using Ada in an advertising campaign to find you the people you need and accessing the recruiter rates I have with major job boards.  I'm pretty sure she'd be glad to be doing her bit once more and a two-week advertising campaign will only cost 189 (+VAT). I'll pay for a targeted social media campaign that covers your county.

There are NO agency fees regardless of how many people you employ or contract directly as a result of the campaign.

We use premium job boards and social media campaigns which will reach more of the people who are looking for work now.  This will include those that may have been furloughed or made redundant from other roles who would not think to look for picking or agricultural roles previously.

Alternatively, if you just want some advice on where and how to advertise to get the numbers you require, I'm happy to offer some free advice.

Call us now on 01902 763006 or email info@myrecruitdirect.co.uk - absolutely no obligation or catch.