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Can You Deliver?


Its no surprise to any of us that the lockdown situations were all facing have led to an increase in online shopping and purchases.

Recent surveys have shown that even people accustomed to shopping online are purchasing goods they would normally buy in person via the internet.  This ranges from essential pet supplies for pet owners, through to fashion and clothing, and even meals as people tire of cooking and eat more takeaways or delivered food.

These changes in habits do mean that it is possible for many of us to equip our businesses to continue to deliver products and services in a slightly different way.  You need an effective platform to allow people to order and pay simply (telephone, website or app*) and a method of delivery.  For physical products, delivery will involve some form of transportation and we have seen a marked increase in companies, large and small, seeking delivery drivers.

If you are a courier, logistics company or even a restaurant that has started doing takeaway and delivered food, you can only take on as much work as you know it is possible to deliver.

  • Are you in a position where you can prepare more meals but haven’t enough drivers to deliver them?
  • Could you take on more sub-contract work from the major hauliers and parcel companies if you had more drivers available?
  • Will you need additional drivers to take full advantage of the Christmas season peak in demand?
Whether you are a local fish and chip shop, food delivery, or parcel delivery company, we have a cost-effective way to advertise your driving vacancies for casual drivers, self-employed drivers and full-time drivers without having to use an agency.

Our advertising packages start at just 189 and clients often find several suitable candidates with one campaign.  We use all the major job boards and target a social media campaign in your local area.

Take a look at our website for more information at www.myrecruitdirect.co.uk or email liz@myrecruitdirect.co.uk.  You can also call 01902 763006 to get your advertising campaign started or make an enquiry.